About Us

Barrington Park Estate is a traditional working estate situated in the heart of the Cotswolds. The estate comprises a number of enterprises that include organic farming, woodland, conservation & rental property for both the residential & commercial sectors. Unfortunately the estate is NOT open to the general public.

The farm lies just to the west of Burford in Oxfordshire in the Windrush Valley and surrounds the beautiful villages of Great Barrington and Little Barrington, all built in local stone, part of the Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Roman ruins found on the estate show that people have been farming this land for at least two thousand years.  The farm is criss-crossed by ancient dry stone walls and these, together with miles of hedgerows, rolling hills, rivers and woods, give the landscape the quintessential Cotswold appearance.

We are totally committed to producing top quality food in an environmentally sustainable way, and have been organic since 1995. A mixture of clover, herbs and grasses is used to build fertility in our soil and maintain its health. The clover leys are grazed by our Lleyn sheep and Aberdeen Angus x South Devon cattle for two to three years.  At the end of the fertility-building phase, when the soil is replenished, we grow cereals including wheat, barley and oats. 

Animal welfare is of paramount importance to us and we are Soil Association certified.

Suckler herd Lleyn sheep flock
  • 1: Suckler herd
  • 2: Lleyn sheep flock

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